Agile Software Engineering

Building Secure Solutions to Optimize Results

Pragmatics is at the leading edge of software innovation for the federal government. We develop solutions that meet agency missions while providing measurable value and meaningful results. Our in-depth understanding of each client’s mission and domain, coupled with the discipline and repeatability of our processes, enables us to adapt to changing requirements, minimize project risk and maximize product quality.

Pragmatics Software Engineering

By developing custom software applications that apply innovative thinking to solve real-world challenges of national significance, Pragmatics serves as a trusted partner to agencies and organizations across both the defense and civilian sectors.

Pragmatic Agility®: Our Innovative Development Methodology

Pragmatic Agility combines the discipline of CMMI® Level 5 processes with the flexibility of agile development methodology to transform our clients’ strategic visions into reality.

We focus on continuous process improvement, test-driven development (TDD), time-boxed iterative development, continuous integration, and client collaboration to ensure the product we create is succinctly aligned with customer requirements, budgets, and deadlines.

Client Benefits Include:

  • Minimizing risk through two-to-four-week deliveries of working software
  • Reducing rework and lowering cost by designing and building highest-risk and highest-value elements into earliest iterations
  • Performing continuous integration testing throughout development
  • Emphasizing client collaboration by offering frequent opportunities for them to validate and course-correct outputs
  • Managing complexity and changing objectives with the additional structure of CMMI Level 5 processes

Pragmatics can develop applications to solve any business challenge. To request more information, we invite you to contact our corporate headquarters at 703-890-8500, or visit our Contact Us page.