Pragmatic Agility®

A New Iteration of Excellence

In software development, rapid course correction can avert serious problems. Likewise, meticulous process adherence can ensure flawless results. At Pragmatics, we’ve fused the most effective attributes of agile development with process management expertise to create a standardized methodology that delivers repeatable, remarkable results.

Pragmatic Agility combines the discipline of CMMI® Level 5 processes with the flexibility of agile development to make our customers’ strategic visions a reality. Our practices include continuous process improvement, test-driven development (TDD), time-boxed iterative development, and customer collaboration to ensure we are building the right product for the right end user within a customer-designated timeframe.

We are proud of our delivery quality and responsiveness. Our customer-oriented focus helps enable us to continually meet evolving needs.

We invite you to experience the benefits of our innovative approach to agile development. For an assessment of your business challenges, or to request more information about Pragmatic Agility, please contact our corporate headquarters at 703-890-8500, or visit our Contact Us page.