Encore II

Pragmatics is the prime contractor.  Contract awarded in June 2008 with a $12.225 billion ceiling running through May 2018. 

Contract Type

IDIQ performance-based acquisitions are preferred with FFP, T&M, CR allowable FASA requirement to compete for multiple-awards contracts.


Date Awarded
01 June 08

Customer Access
Military Services, DoD, other agencies of federal government

Minimum TO Amount

Five years with five one-year option periods – 01 June 2008 – 31 May 2018

Points of Contact
Lead Contract Specialist
Contracting Officer

FY End Ordering Cut-off
Dates T&M/FFP Requirements Pkg – 15 August
CR Requirements Pkg – 31 May

Pragmatics Leads a First-Rate Team of Subcontractors

  • AAC
  • Advanced Systems Incorporated
  • Development InfoStructure Inc. (Devis)
  • Knowledge Connections, Inc.
  • Mindbank Consulting Group, LLC
  • Robbins-Gioia, LLC
  • Vanguard Research, Inc.


Statement of Work

The Pragmatics team has extensive experience and proven skills to provide you with the highest quality services in each of these task areas:


Ordering Procedures:

  • Step 1: Customer submits Requirements Package to DISA/DITCO Contracting Officer (KO) in accordance with the Task Order Guidelines.
  • Step 2: KO requests cost and technical proposal from contractor(s).
  • Step 3: Customer and KO evaluate proposal(s) and make best value determination.
  • Step 4: KO awards TO to winning vendor.



43 calendar days for requirements under $10M competed. For contracts that exceed $10M or where a fair opportunity exception exists, refer to the Task Order Guidelines.

For full details, visit ENCORE II Contract Web Page

For more information:

Mike Yocom (703) 890-8502 or yocomm@pragmatics.com

*Client security certificate required for access to client website.